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Enrolmy features everything you need to run your activities, in one simple-to-use package.

Finance & Accounting

  • Software Integrations

    Software Integrations

    Enrolmy fully integrates with Xero accounting software. Map your chart of accounts in Enrolmy to automatically code on invoices.

    You can bulk export invoices, statements and other accounting data by CSV to upload into whichever accounting programme your organisation uses.

  • Instant Online Payments

    Instant Online Payments

    Offer online credit card options for parents to make immediate payments and increase your cash flow.

    Apply for instant online payment processing capabilities with our simple STRIPE application form.

  • Powerful Accounting Tools

    Powerful Accounting Tools

    Create detailed invoices and generate hundreds of them in a matter of clicks. Raise credit notes, reconcile payments and bulk email accounts with status updates.

  • Straightforward Discount Structures

    Straightforward Discount Structures

    Enrolmy gives you a simple way to offer early bird, sibling or multiple activity discounts and reward loyal customers. You can bulk export invoices, statements and other accounting data by CSV to upload into whichever accounting programme your organisation uses.

Enrolment & Registrations

  • Quick Online Enrolments

    Quick Online Enrolments

    Our inbuilt enrolment form takes just 60 seconds to set up. Parents can complete their child's registration and enrolment online as part of our straightforward booking flow.

  • Customisable Enrolment Questions

    Customisable Enrolment Questions

    Tailor the enrolment form for your organisation and get the registration information you need by adding custom questions to your online enrolment form.

Booking Management Tool

  • Parent-Friendly Booking Site

    Parent-Friendly Booking Site

    Make it easy for parents to book and enrol their child into your activity with our user-friendly booking flow.

  • Multiple Activity Categories

    Multiple Activity Categories

    Efficiently create enrolment and registration tiles for various types of activities: team sports, tournaments, one-day-only events, holiday programmes, before and after school programmes, and lessons or classes.

  • Flexible Activity Settings

    Flexible Activity Settings

    Easily create enrolment and registration tiles with our standard inbuilt activity form. Edit the activity form to customise it for your organisation’s specific needs.

  • Easy Booking Management

    Easy Booking Management

    We've made editing a customer booking quick and easy with automated modification tools. They enable you to do things like move attendees to other programmes, add or remove booked-in days, reconcile attendance and generate invoices in a matter of clicks.

  • Fast Attendance Reconciliation

    Fast Attendance Reconciliation

    Reconciling attendance is smooth and simple. View accurate time stamps of sign in/out data, update customers with late fees, and assign discounts and regular or casual session prices, all on one screen.

  • Waiting List

    Waiting List

    Don’t lose customers because you’re fully booked. You can cap enrolment or registration numbers but still take bookings with our waiting list feature. And when space becomes available, simply move children into the relevant list or attendance form to automatically notify parents of available spaces.

Onsite Tools

  • Enrolmy Sign In/Out Kiosk

    Enrolmy Sign In/Out Kiosk

    Give parents the ability to sign their child in and out of your programme via our on-site kiosk. This automatically updates the online attendance reconciliation form with accurate, time-stamped data from which you can generate reliable reports.

  • Enrolmy for Providers Mobile App

    Enrolmy for Providers Mobile App

    Using a tablet or smartphone, your on-site staff can sign children in/out of the programme, access emergency contact details and quickly view the health and safety information of all the children in their care.

  • Hardcopy Attendance & Enrolment Forms

    Hardcopy Attendance & Enrolment Forms

    Enrolmy enables you to create branded, printable daily attendance forms, pick-up lists and enrolment forms.

OSCAR & MSD Enrolments

  • OSCAR Subsidy Management - HP/BASC

    OSCAR Subsidy Management - HP/BASC

    Quick and easy subsidy calculation - just enter a child’s OSCAR rate and hours, and Enrolmy will do the rest. It also enables you to compare booked hours versus attended hours easily.

  • MSD Enrolments

    MSD Enrolments

    Our standard enrolment form already contains all the information that the MSD requires. When audit time comes, customer and attendance data is quickly exportable by CSV.

Customer Communication

  • Bulk Email Communication

    Bulk Email Communication

    Save time by contacting all of your customers at once. Enrolmy provides filters so you can email targeted groups of customers, such as those attending a specific venue.

  • Customisable Email Templates

    Customisable Email Templates

    Save time by customising and re-using Enrolmy's email templates.

  • Communications Tracking

    Communications Tracking

    Enrolmy’s tracking tools enable you to see who has been sent what, when, and even whether they have opened the email!

Boost Your Brand

  • Attractive Booking Mini-site

    Attractive Booking Mini-site

    Enrolmy provides you with an attractive, easy-to-manage mini-site. Add your own logo, descriptions and terms and conditions to personalise.

  • Website Integration

    Website Integration

    Beautifully incorporate your booking and registration tiles into your organisation’s existing website with our easy copy and paste embedding code.

  • Parent Booking Portal

    Parent Booking Portal

    Our parent marketplace enables customers to easily find your organisation and make a booking, which also boosts your own website’s SEO!

Data Management & Privacy

  • Secure Customer Data

    Secure Customer Data

    Enrolmy is a secure cloud-based platform. By adding permissions, you can choose to allow third parties like Xero, Stripe, MSD, Oranga Tamariki to integrate with Enrolmy.

  • Mandatory Terms & Conditions

    Mandatory Terms & Conditions

    We help you cover your bases! Parents MUST agree to your organisation's terms and conditions to complete their online booking.

  • Reliable Reporting Data

    Reliable Reporting Data

    Get all the reporting information you need, from time-stamped attendance data to the number of invoices that were paid this term compared to last. Our online tools provide live data, giving you accurate reports.

  • Easy Data Export

    Easy Data Export

    All your organisational data inside Enrolmy is exportable by CSV. And even better, some data sets are already formatted for you.

Friendly Help & Support

  • Extensive Enrolmy Knowledge Base

    Extensive Enrolmy Knowledge Base

    Access our extensive knowledge base, available to you 24/7. Help documentation on Enrolmy flows and processes will help you get up to speed or refresh your memory.

  • Online Ticketing Processes

    Online Ticketing Processes

    Our reliable ticketing process means that if you have questions or issues, we can get back to you promptly.

  • Free Monthly Support

    Free Monthly Support

    Every subscription is guaranteed 20 minutes of free support, by phone, Skype, or email – whichever suits you best. Additional Enrolmy Support and Custom Training is provided at $65.00 NZD per hour.

Sports Registration Tools

  • Team Sorter Feature

    Team Sorter Feature

    The Enrolmy Team Sorter enables you to create and confirm teams in a matter of clicks. Bulk drag and drop your registered players into different teams for super-fast team generation.

  • Efficient Information Sharing

    Efficient Information Sharing

    With just one click, quickly share approved team data with your regional sporting organisation.

  • Big Data Management

    Big Data Management

    Eliminate double-handling and store all your player registrations, coach information, team payments, and email communications on one platform.

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