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Before and After School Care

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Holiday Programmes

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Are you a large multisite Enterprise dealing with thousands of students?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the monthly subscription work?

Your monthly subscription charge is based on the number of individual children that have booked with you over the last six months. If one child is booked in multiple times they are just counted as one individual child.

What are my payment options for my subscription?

All monthly subscription payment plans, are for payment by your organisation’s credit/debit card only.

Is this a per-site price?

There are no per site fees incurred for running multiple sites up to 10 sites, under one Enrolmy account. For larger site numbers, please talk to us about our Enterprise options. You may also choose to have multiple accounts for accounting or legal reasons.

* Prices exclude GST

Is the Enrolmy For Providers Mobile app and Tablet Kiosk app included in my plan?

Yes they are.

Why do the BASC pricing plans cost more?

The Enrolmy BASC package provides unique functionality designed specially for the full administration of Before and Afterschool Care businesses.

What kind of support will my business get moving forward with Enrolmy?

Once you have worked with our onboarding and training specialists, you will become an Enrolmy expert! You will mostly be able to self-resolve any questions that you have. However, should you need assistance, we provide extensive help guides, help videos as well as 20 minutes of free email and phone support each month. Additional Enrolmy Support and Custom Training is provided at $65.00 NZD per hour.

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